Small Dog Training

Separation Anxiety in Small Dogs: Understanding It and How to Treat It

Separation anxiety in small dogs, or any dog for that matter, can cause bad habits and destructive behavior.

Small Dog Tricks

Teach your small dog tricks! Everyone will get a kick out of seeing such a cute little animal do the cutest little things.

Top 10 Dog Training Tips from the CIA

Although our Agency dogs are trained for very specific jobs, many of the methodologies and principles our trainers use can be applied to training any dog, including your own.

Training Small Dogs to Be Good House Pets

No need to give up your beloved dog... it's time to immerse yourself in training for small dogs!

What to Do About Small Dog Syndrome

Small dog syndrome: Your dog is in a position where it feels like it has to be pack leader, because you have abdicated that role.

Why Do Small Dogs Bark So Much?

The dog who is responsible for the most noise in the neighborhood is probably a small terrier or Chihuahua.