Small Dog Training

Crate Training Small Dogs

Crate training is not a form of punishment. It is one way some people prefer to train their small dogs.

Dog Litter Box Training: The Key to Eliminating Accidents

Litter box training is becoming increasingly popular for many pet owners with small dog breeds because of the convenience of not having to take their four-legged friend for a walk frequently.

Dog Obedience Training - Stopping Aggressive Puppy Biting

Is your puppy biting you and other members of your family? Does he eat $100 sneakers and tear up the furniture? Use these helpful tips to stop playful and aggressive biting.

House Training a Small Dog

House training a small dog can sometimes be a little more difficult than training a much larger dog.

Housebreaking Small Dogs

This article talks about the best way to go about housebreaking your small dog. Following these tips will make that task easier for you AND your dog.

How to Train a Small Dog Not to Bark

Learning how to train a small dog not to bark doesn't have to be difficult. However, it will require some patience and consistency if you hope to be successful.

Separation Anxiety in Small Dogs: Understanding It and How to Treat It

Separation anxiety in small dogs, or any dog for that matter, can cause bad habits and destructive behavior.