Best Dog Houses for Small Dogs

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Small dogs need their own special place to relax and get away from it all just like their human companions. You should consider getting a dog house that provides comfort and safety for your loving pet. When you begin looking online for dog houses for small dogs, you’ll see that most of them have just enough room for your pet to stretch out in. Don’t be concerned about your dog needing a roomier environment. Research has shown that dogs only require enough space to curl up and relax.

Dog houses for small dogs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The first thing you want to consider is the material used to make the home. Dog houses are usually made from study plastic or wood. A plastic house made from resin will last for years, while a wooden one may become warped and splinter over time. If you do choose to go with wood, make sure you choose a house made from cedar. This is the type of wood that is often used for decks and cabins because it stands up well to the elements.

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Keeping your pet safe and dry inside their home is a top priority if you are placing the house outdoors. This means that a wooden house needs to be pre-treated by the manufacturer to protect it from rain, wind, dry heat and humidity. One of the most popular cedar wood dog house designs features an enclosed living quarters with an upstairs balcony. This is not only cute, but it gives your pet two options for enjoying their personal space.

The plastic style home will remind you a lot of those toys you played with as a kid that were tiny structured buildings that you snapped together. While the wooden dog houses come with many pieces to assemble, the plastic version has only a few parts that can be put together relatively easy.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting the right house for your dog is insulation. Because these are not real homes, there is no way to regulate the temperature inside. Therefore, you may need to take steps to ensure that your dog stays cool in the summer and warm during colder months. A great way to keep your dog warm is to provide a heated dog bed that fits snuggly inside the house. This provides added heat and comfort for your pet.

If you are concerned about keeping your dog cool and comfortable during hot weather, consider getting a dog tent instead of a structured house. Dog house tents are made with lightweight materials, have adequate ventilation and are easy to assemble. Just like tents made for humans, they are built to protect your pet from the harsh elements. As an added benefit, they are portable so you can use them at home or on vacation trips.

When looking for the best dog houses for small dogs, you want to always keep in mind the comfort of your pet. Read online reviews very carefully to see which brands are made with quality materials and workmanship.

You CAN have the calm, well-behaved little dog you've always wanted! Click here to learn how.

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