Is Walking Small Dogs Really Necessary?

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Every pet owner understands the importance of good diet and exercise for their four-legged friends. Good health can help to prevent things such as mange”), heart disease, arthritis, dog obesity, and joint problems. Though exercise may be an easy thing for larger breed dogs, is walking small dogs necessary or even healthy for them?

One of the most important things to remember about small dogs is that they are not built the same way larger dogs are. This may seem physically very obvious, but internally it is true as well. Small dogs are more prone to heart issues than larger dogs. They’re also more prone to obesity, which can cause a myriad of other health problems. The bottom line is that good exercise can help to prevent any of these issues and help to extend your furry friend’s life.

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Health and Stimulation

For those who question whether or not walking small dogs is actually benefit to their health or not, you have every right to contest to it. When smaller breed dogs are walked, it almost seems as though it is harder on their body. They can only go for short distances, so what good is it really doing, right?

Wrong. Exercise for small dogs is just as important as it is for larger breeds. Aside from the physical health issues, all breeds of dog need mental stimulation to help avoid behavioral problems caused by boredom. A little regular exercise in all dog breeds also helps to alleviate other psychological issues that can lead to aggression, fear, anxiety and hyperactivity.

When you take any dog outside for even a really short walk, that dog will have a wealth of new things to sniff and explore. It is this level of exploration that really gives a dog a healthy form of mental stimulation that they all need.

Improve Health

A short two block walk with your dog a few times a week can help to prevent multiple health issues such as joint and muscular problems, heart complications, mange, and countless other diseases.

Though a Chihuahua may be built smaller than a German Shepherd, do not let their size fool you. Smaller breed dogs are very sturdy physically. Many small breed dogs were originally bred for hunting that larger dogs were not able to accomplish due to size. During these times, people worked to ensure a sturdy and solid dog that could withstand just as much as their counterparts.

Their legs may look like they are struggling, but every dog needs some exercise in their lifestyle. Even the more couch-prone breeds find it enjoyable to get out and get some fresh air. Owners of small breed dogs have noted that walking their pup has not only helped to calm them down, but to also help to lessen if not eliminate the famous “Napoleon’s Syndrome” that small dogs are so famous for.

Just like people, dogs need exercise too. No matter how big or small, round or thin, dogs need to be walked. It helps to regulate their temperament and make them an all around better companion. Walking your dog will help to eliminate any hyper or rowdy behavior that they may possess and forces them to put it into the exercise.

The answer to the original question is “Yes, walking small dogs is necessary”. Just like larger dogs, small dogs need exercise as well for a multitude of reasons. The health benefits well outweigh any negative effects. While you can’t be in total control of your pet’s health, walking and exercising them will help to ensure that they live a very long and happy lifestyle at your side.

If you're serious about wanting a calm, well-behaved little dog... this is the training method for you.

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